Canadian Income Tax Act with Regulations, Annotated, 102nd Edition, 2016 Autumn
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  • Editorial notes with explanations, tips and traps
  • Summaries of relevant court cases
  • CRA Tax Window Files
  • Cross-references to related sections of the Act and Regulations, relevant CRA documents, Canadian Tax Foundation and STEP Canada articles, Tax Profile, Tax Topics, Canadian Petroleum Tax Journal, and other publications
  • CRA Income Tax Folios and Interpretation Bulletins, Information Circulars, Income Tax Technical News, Guides, Forms, and other publications
  • Full text history notes detailing legislative changes and amendments
  • Numerous quick reference charts including 2016 tax rates, credit tables and tax integration tables from PWC

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Current to July 8, 2016
  • Various Budget 2015 and 2016 measures enacted by Bill C-15
  • Draft proposals to implement the OECD Common Reporting Standard
  • Section 55 amendments
  • Outstanding amendments proposed in Budget 2016
  • Tax rate changes proposed by Bill C-2
  • Proposed amendments related to the taxation of certain trusts and their beneficiaries
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