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From single-needs analysis to full personal and corporate planning, FP Solutions is the most sophisticated financial planning software on the market.
Leverage the most powerful financial planning software on the market to give your practice – and your clients – the means to achieve more. Take a free trial today to see just how easy it can be.

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Estate capital needs (tax and liquidity)

Commercial real estate

Survivor Capital Needs (Life Insurance)

Disability capital needs (DI, CI, LTC)

Insurance needs

Everything in the Basic plan and:

Includes additional modules to give you more in-depth financial planning capability, including sophisticated tax strategies and comprehensive insurance needs analysis.




Detailed income projections

Planning assistant

Common planning strategies

Advanced net worth cash flow projections

Change in financial position - show the value of your advice

Analyze your client's entire financial situation, no matter how complex it may be. Prepare plans faster and more easily with included powerful administrative tools to guide you through the planning process.

Everything in the Plus plan and:



Full investment and retirement planning

Education savings and Lifestyle needs

Personal use real estate and assets

Loan and debt amortization

Investment deposit/withdrawal solve tools

Sales concepts

Monte Carlo simulations

Give your clients a clear and compelling picture of their financial situation armed with all the information you neen



Estate freezes, family trusts

Shareholder loans and share redemption planning

Holding and operating companies

Corporate owned life insurance

Corporate owned investment portfolios and real estate

The most powerful all-inclusive financial planning software on the market for both personal and full corporate planning. Everything you need for your most sophisticated clients!

Everything in the Advanced plan and:

Case Study: Armtstrong and Quaile Associates Inc.Resources & Training

The right financial planning software can ‚Äčexponentially increase the level of service you provide to your clients.

"By far the most comprehensive financial planning software I've seen. The accountants with whom I collaborate love the actual tax rates in projections and the accuracy of the tax details."
-Terry M. | Dundee Securities

Advise more thoroughly with the most comprehensive financial planning tool on the market
Demonstrate greater value with the highest quality of personalized reports, and tools that present the financial value of the planning and advice you provide
Plan for every scenario with four product levels of planning sophistication, from the simplest retirement model to the most complex plan for corporate accounts
Work more effectively with fact finding tools, executive summaries and T1 tax calculations at your fingertips
Sell more strategically with 14 fully integrated planning concepts highlighting relevant products and services
Deliver a better client experience by simplifying the complex, with transparency and accuracy
In a rapidly changing industry, the best tools not only help you work smarter, they enable you to demonstrate the value of your expertise and retain satisfied clients.
With FP Solutions, you can walk your clients through a variety of scenarios to show them the impact of virtually any planning strategy. No other software offers the same degree of usability, flexibility and customization.
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FP Solutions offers a choice of four levels of planning sophistication

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