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Use CCH iFirm’s Digital Signature to complete approvals and agreements within minutes. Save time by easily uploading and sending documents to your clients to sign.

Upload your documents and place tags

Use CCH iFirm Portal to simply upload the documents you want clients to sign. Use tags to clearly indicate where you need signatures, initials, or dates.

Clients follow simple instructions that guide them through the signing process. When the documents are signed, they simply click finish and they are done.

Clients follow the tabs and finish!

Strengthen your tax expertise with Windows on Canadian Tax®

Gain valuable insight into the CRA’s approach to the law, including actual practices and policies of the government relating to tax matters. Commentary is provided for CRA documents released over more than two decades, so you can be confident you have comprehensive coverage.

Window on Canadian Tax is the most comprehensive source for expert commentary on internal CRA documents in both English and French.

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Introducing CCH iFirm’s 
Digital Signature

CCH iFirm now integrates with DocuSign to let you get signatures from your clients, helping you save time and boosting your efficiency. 

Our Digital Signature solution is integrated with CCH iFirm Portal for an added layer of security and convenience. Clients can now sign T1013, RC59, engagement letters, or other type of documents with their existing access to CCH iFirm Portal.


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