Tax Season Report

Canadian Accounting Industry Challenges

Based on research conducted in 2022 that assessed accounting practitioners’ experiences during the 2021 personal tax season.

The 2021 personal tax season saw the resumption of many pre-pandemic activities, including return-to-office for staff and once again meeting clients in person. Some accounting firms struggled to adapt internal processes to technology that was quickly adopted to helped deal with remote work during the pandemic, and to adjust to changing demands of staff and clients.

Some high-level findings showed that:

  1. Many firms are finding it easier to facilitate a remote-work model. 
  2. A further reduction in manual data entry has occurred due to the introduction of new technologies. 
  3. Invoicing has become more efficient. 
  4. Many firms still outsource complex tax issues. 
  5. There is still opportunity for firms to benefit from automatic payment and digital signature technologies.

Accountants across Canada share their challenges and successes during the 2021 personal tax season

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Learn about the experiences of accounting practitioners across Canada during the 2021 personal tax season.

What challenges did Canadian tax practitioners encounter during the 2021 personal tax season, and how successfully did they meet them?

Now in its fourth year, we are pleased to share our annual post-tax-season survey findings and present recommendations on improvements that might help your practice become more profitable and productive in the future. 

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