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The Power of Portals

The digital age has conditioned clients to expect more instant gratification.

Offering clients on-demand access to their own files via a portal reduces the workload of a firm’s staff.

Studies show that satisfied clients are twice as likely to have the capability to share data with their firm using a self‑service portal.  

Accountants are familiar with the concept of portals, but the features, benefits and purpose have changed dramatically over the last 10 years.

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Communicate with clients easily and securely

"We are invoicing all of our clients through CCH iFirm. I'm finding that more than 50% of my clients are paying within a few days of invoicing. This significantly helped with our cash flow this tax season."

Garett Froese
Froese and Company

Better manage your practice and boost your efficiency  


Eliminate cybersecurity issues with a secure client communication portal

From simple document sharing to detailed collaboration, there’s never been a more secure way to communicate with clients.

CCH iFirm’s Client Portal allows you to securely send documents (e.g. tax returns) to clients with only two clicks.

CCH iFirm Portal application, allows you to communicate with clients easily and securely.

Automation for the Ultimate Client Experience

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CCH iFirm Portal

CCH iFirm Documents

CCH iFirm Documents let's you reduce your use of paper and save time by storing client documents in the cloud. 

Key Features

Documents can be saved within the contact or within a specific job*

File Search Capability

Ability to enable File Versions

User permissions (Read, Write, Edit, Delete, Recycle etc.)

Ability to open files directly in native applications

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*requires iFirm application


Key Features