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The Way Forward: 
5 Reasons for Finally Moving to the Cloud

The Way Forward: 5 Reasons for Finally Moving to the Cloud

Over the past several years, tax and accounting offices have approached technology in two different ways. Traditionally-minded businesses have stuck largely to the tax preparation processes they have always used, perhaps bolting on a technology solution here or there in areas that needed improvement. 

These offices use technology, but often in ways that don’t help them become more productive. In contrast, future-ready offices have sought opportunities to adopt entirely new technology and ways of working that position them for stronger growth and higher efficiency moving forward.

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CCH® iFirm
Better manage your practice and boost your efficiency  
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The Dashboard in CCH® iFirm provides all the key information about your business in a single, customized view.

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CCH iFirm is an award-winning cloud-based solution, proven to help firms boost efficiency, provide faster service for clients and increase profitability.

Eliminate duplicate data entry by centralizing client data with one integrated cloud-based solution

Smart workflow automation and seamless integration ensures that time is saved and work isn’t forgotten.

Instant anywhere, anytime access with zero installations for seamless management

With a fully customizable interface, you can focus on what’s important to your business. The built-in reports give you a clear view of all aspects of your practice in real time.
CCH iFirm will help you keep your staff accountable and help increase the level of transparency across your practice.

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“The dashboard is a feature all of the partners look at on a daily basis, we can quickly see the firm performance. Partners can compare their WIP to others encouraging more timely billings. This one screen gives a real snapshot of performance of the firm on a daily basis.”

Paul Cudmore
Collins Barrow, LLP